Prototype, Trains, Marketing

I was asked the other day if I’d ever used Prototype.js, and I completely forgot that I had used it in Train Game — the library is such a natural extension to JavaScript that its use did not stick in my mind. Although, having now looked again, I do wonder what it is doing with my error messages….

The reason I forgot Train Game is that I never got past the round of development. The idea is simple — allow a child to build a train track, with points, and watch the trains — this could keep a three- or four-year old boy amused for an hour, and it’s not hard to program, as it is all grid-based.

Thing is, I then thought about extending the game to allow varied size pieces of track, and selling the software to those who make the Thomas And Friends tracks. It’s a great idea — design your layout from track in their catalogue, and order online with a single click: so simple, a three- or four-year old child could do it.

But I have no idea how to sell this, where or how to raise capital: all I know is how to program, hire a and run a development team, apply graphics. I think I could even have a selected number of track pieces lay themselves out in a number of patterns dreamt up by the computer.

It would take six months to publication.