Angularjs Subtitles

I watch a lot of Scandinavian video files, which means a lot of subtitles. Being a fussy sort of a fellow, I do get irked by badly timed and badly typed subtitles, so for some months have been contemplating writing a subtitle editor. I’ve combined that urge with my curiosity about AngularJS. I have been irritated by JavaScript since version 1.0, and have so far been unimpressed with everything but MooTools. Yet the weight of Google, and its usually intelligent solutions, is encouraging.

Starting from scratch it took about eight hours to create an SRT viewer from scratch in ‘the Angular way.’  That has involved very little new ideas — a blurry MVC, more of an MVP; mustach-style templates that mix presentation, backbone views — but some nice dependency injection, and a huge pile of patterns to choose from (which will probably be a PITA, if the TMTOWTDI motto of Perl is anything to go by).

Eight hours to produce an SRT viewer, which is a task I’d usually accomplish in two hours.

I am hoping the investment in time will pay a return now that I set to work on the editing controls. Currently, Angular’s two-way data-binding allows me to edit subtitles — moving them as a mass, and adding new entries, is coming up.

One thing I do find encouraging is the community, which is very helpful, and not snooty like the Perl community, who seem to be slowly drifting away in the Perl6 pipe smoke. Angular’s API seems to change quite often (not a bad thing), and these changes are regularly pointed out on Stack Overflow.

One thing that really annoys me is the need to $scope.$apply — so hard to avoid.

What really pisses me off, though, is that the tutorial is not up to date with the tools. There is little more off-putting than starting a tutorial and having to reconfigure everything. Surely Google have the resources…?

What’s the alternative?

But the two libraries do things very differently. Ractive.js is designed to have as few surprises as possible – no mysterious $scope.$apply() or dependency injection minification headaches! You can master Ractive.js in an hour or two, just by following the interactive tutorials.

So claims Reactive.js — and it has to be worth a look.